Single Cosplay Performance

Judgement Session Will Be Broadcast On November 15th 2020!

How to register: 

1. Go to our ticketing page and choose Cosplay 

2. Fill out your information and click “apply” 

3. Wait for approval, the information will be sent to your email 

4. After you have been approved, you can buy the ticket 

5. Upload your photos and video in one zipped file 

Tickets for the first 100 participants are free, so hurry up and good luck!

Registration Deadline: October 30th

Submit Materials Deadline: November 1st


Clarissa Punipun

Cosplayer – Gamer – Musician – Software Engineer – Face Reader – Phsyiognomist


Cosplayer – Armor Maker Specialist

Pinky Lu Xun

Cosplayer – Costume Maker

Esa Pavlichenko

Coslayer – Visual Entertainer


1. Registration fee is Rp 100.000. It’s free for the 100 first applicants.

2. Each participant shall submit a video of a single cosplay performance, with a duration from 1 minute to 2 minutes.

3.Each participant must also submit 1 before-cosplay photo, and 3 photos of the costume which are the front, side, and back view of the costume. There must be 4 photos in total.

4. Participants may add free royalty or open-source special effects such as background animation, sounds, and theme songs into their video performance.

5. Each participant may only send 1 video.

6. The video, shall not contain any pornography or any content that may offend any ethnicity group, race, and faith, or religion.

7. The video shall not contain any footage/track from copyrighted official material. The organizer reserves the right edit should any infringement found

8. This competition is open for cosplayers from the Asia Pacific

9. The costumes may be derived from any characters, both local and international characters.