Due to the COVID-19 situation all over the world, Jaktent 2020 will be an online or a hybrid ( online and offline ) event - depending on the situation. Expect more than 60 sessions and 90+ speakers from 11-15 November! Register for our newsletter for more info as they become available.








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New and existing events showcasing Jakarta as a booming Creative Market for international visitors, boosting the Creative Economy in Jakarta under ONE ROOF in order to create a market place especially for SEA and Asia Pacific, and to be a platform for people to share ideas.


These events include:

  • LitFest: The stage for Literature and international/national well known authors
  • LitBeat: The interaction conference for best practices on creative industries
  • The Market: Market place for IP, books, films and other creative content.
  • World Guest Programme: Important publishers and companies will be invited as future ambassadors for the event.
  • Business Hub at The Market: The hub for trading rights for IP and books.
  • LitFilm: The festival for arthouse film and financing forum.
  • LitBite: The place to learn about the importance of eating healthy and enjoy green food
  • CosPlay Championship: The hugely popular event to showcase content characters

Each event has their own target group, while they all offer events for young and old, millennials and every member of the general public.



- Timing: 18-22nd November 2020

- Format: Different brands and events under one roof, all happening simultaneously (similar to FBF which has different events under its roof).