Due to the COVID-19 situation all over the world, Jaktent 2020 will be an online or a hybrid ( online and offline ) event – depending on the situation. Expect more than 60 sessions and 90+ speakers from 11-15 November! Register for our newsletter for more info as they become available.

I have really enjoyed visiting The Jakarta Week. I have come to it to gain information about
publishing a book I am producing with a friend. The digital information has been very interesting
and the number and quality of talks are very good
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In just five days, you can take advantage of
a full range of benefits

Since becoming the Guest of Honor in Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015, Indonesia has taken huge strides in introducing its creative content richness and great pool of talent to the international market.

With another honor of being the Market Focus in London Book Fair 2019, other countries in Southeast Asia are looking at Indonesia as a prime example of successfully presenting its culture and IP in international events, as well as creating new business opportunities for Indonesian companies.

However, there are many rights holders and traders who are not aware of the business and do not travel to the existing international market places. We want to make sure they can also get their share and benefit from int. business opportunities. Therefore a new market place in South East Asia is hugely important. By planning this major industry event, the Jakarta Content Con/Week, Indonesia will strive to establish its ambition to become a creative industry hub in Southeast Asia.